5 Myths About International Dating

If you are here, there’s 99% possibility you’re a newbie in online dating, and you want to figure out whether your perception of this phenomenon is distorted or not. Well, even though the industry of international matchmaking is exclusively successful, there still are lots of blank spaces in people’s minds concerning it.

So right now we are going to look at 5 most prevalent myths about international online dating.

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Myth #1. You’re too ugly/fat/bad for online dating

Love has no boundaries, remember that! Also note that among women who register on international dating platforms, not all are supermodels. Forget about your flaws and focus on finding a soulmate – there are thousands of people like you on such sites, and there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Myth #2. International dating is equal to a sham marriage

Lots of men dream of entering a relationship with ladies from the overseas, yet they are scared to start interacting with them as they think such relations won’t last long. In their, mistaken, opinion, international couples which emerge thanks to online dating sites, are temporary – all that mail-order brides want is getting a green card, fiancée visa or whatever the country of a Westerner offers for migrating. Thus, once the male is being used, the lady is ready to end up a relationship and start a new life alone, they think.

Why is this untrue? Because the experience tells a different thing – check out users’ reviews, their comments on dating sites, and learn about a positive experience. Sure, some women want to benefit from dating a foreigner, but this is rather an exclusion than a rule. In fact, there are hundreds of successful international couples, and most of them live for long as they cherish each other more than others.

Myth #3. All dating sites are scams

Once again, there are such, but it doesn’t mean that all dating sites try to deceive you.

By the way, it is very easy not to get into the hands of fraudsters – merely read experts’ reviews, read sites’ terms of use and guidelines on security, register on several ones to learn more about their features and see whether they have accounts of real people, and never pay for the services which you don’t need, voila!

Myth #4. Only losers resort to online dating

The misbelief that only desperate divorcees become mail-order brides and geeks who have problems with socializing start hunting for the former. On the contrary, international dating is very popular among all types of people – from confident self-made businessmen to modest users. All that unites them is a desire to meet the loves of their lives conveniently, that’s it.

Myth #5. You need to be wealthy to afford international dating

Not at all. Lots of reputable dating platforms have symbolic prices for their services. Just a couple of dollars per week will give you access to real girls accounts, safety and communication means.

Meanwhile, when dating someone in real life you will spend significantly more on restaurants, cinemas, taxis, flowers, and presents – and there’s no guarantee your relationship will work out.

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