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Exotic Asian ladies always engage the interest of western men. Men lose their mind over Asian ladies because of their attractive appearance and feminine nature. We have composed a list of best dating sites to find Asian women.
Updated for October 2020
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30,000+ Asian Beauties Search Based on Your Preference Private Photos Galleries 100% Verified Profiles Read review Visit site Browse singles>>
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Variety of Hot Russian Girls Convenient Communication Tools Friendly Support Read review Visit site Browse singles>>
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Evolving Security Mobile/Desktop Compatibility Genuine Asian Singles 24/7 Live Support Read review Visit site Browse singles>>

How To Find And Date An Asian Mail Order Bride?

A lot of western men dream of finding and marrying Asian women. That’s where online dating comes in handy. It’s not a problem anymore to create international marriages. Nowadays you can easily find and date a girl who lives at the other end of the world. Women from Asia also want to find a spouse abroad as it gives them new opportunities and a chance to live a better life. Let’s see what to do to achieve these goals.

Why do men prefer sexy Asian women?

What associations come to your mind when you hear about an Asian girl looking for marriage? They're sexy and smart. Families come first to them. They aren’t as emancipated as European or American ladies. What else? Let’s explore other reasons why men strive to get an Asian wife.

Natural beauty

Women from Asia are trend-setters. They're one of those who promote natural lightness in the way you look. Unlike Europe and America and their tendency to plastic surgeries and heavy make-ups, Asian beauties go the other way. Because of their genetics, they're naturally attractive. Tiny, timid, and wise, they don’t need injections to be magnifying for men.


You can easily distinguish Asian brides just by the way they dress. They always look stylish and natural. Like they don’t even care what clothes they're wearing. Their style is simple but nice. They always choose quality over quantity. Good fabrics, soft colors, light make-up, and slightly messy hair create an image of a confident beautiful girl who knows her worth and is ready to take over the world.


Asian wives are very smart. People in Asia aim for a good education. They see it as the first basic requirement if you want to be prosperous in all life aspects: job, family, relationships in society, travel, and communication with other people. That’s why when you marry an Asian mail order wife, you’ll always have a good partner to have a conversation with, ask for advice, or get help.

Family values

Asian women have a traditional view on family. They wish to find a reliable and supportive husband who will be the head of the family. They look for a partnership where each spouse performs their role. They see a man as a breadwinner. A man is the one who always bears in mind the financial welfare of the family. A woman, on her part, cares about household, parenting, and mental welfare of a family.

Attractive Asian women

Reasons to become mail order brides: Why Asian girls do it?

Women from every corner of the world are going online trying to find a husband. Why do they choose online dating and international marriages instead of looking for a man in their country? Why do they prefer this new approach to relationship building? There are many different reasons for that. Let’s see why Asian girls are looking for love on the Internet.

  • They love Western men . Online dating is great because you can meet people of different nationalities and various sets of mind. Asian women see men from Europe and America as something completely different and very attractive. They want to try a new model of relationships.
  • They want to move . Girls from Asia want to travel and explore the world. Overpopulation has done its damage and people want to go to less crowded places and live peacefully there. Marrying a man from West means a chance to go living in a completely different place and have a new life.
  • They want financial stability . Many of these mail order brides come from poor developing countries like The Philippines, Vietnam, India, or Thailand. There aren't enough job opportunities and salaries are bad. Men can’t find a well-paid job and provide families with a care-free life. That's why Asian girls choose more stable Western men.
  • They want their children to live in different conditions . Children and their welfare are very important to Asian women. They strive to arrange the best life for them. They want children to have all the opportunities to get the best education and to live among people to learn from. Thus, they'll have a chance for a better life living in a more developed country.

What are possible problems you can face buying and dating an Asian bride?

No relationships are perfect. All people from time to time have some challenges in their lives. The best thing to do is to be ready and prepare yourself. Here is a shortlist of issues you may face while dating an Asian lady and their possible solutions. As they say, forewarned is forearmed.

Language barrier

In general, English is taught in many Asian countries and for many beautiful Asian girls, it’s not a problem to speak it. But sometimes there might be some difficulties in understanding each other because of accents, slang, lack of knowledge, and even different backgrounds. The possible solution is to use a translator’s services if a girl’s English level is low. Another way out is to just get patient. Both owners need to have a desire to learn and help each other. If your girl doesn’t understand you, find another way to explain things.

Culture gap

Western and Eastern cultures are tremendously different. Customs and traditions that are normal in one country may seem like total nonsense in another. It may result in misunderstanding and a lot of tension and stress. The best possible way out is to learn what seems unknown and strange. Read about your girl's culture more, ask her questions, and show your genuine enthusiasm to learn more about her background. It'll help to decrease the stress.


When you decide to take your relationship with an Asian mail order bride to a new level, it means you’ll have to travel more to see each other. It may seem really time-consuming and expensive. Besides, it may also cause stress for you or your girl because everything will be new. The best thing to do is to get ready. You’ll have to accept the fact that expenses are inevitable, and it’s all done just for your own happiness and personal welfare.

Also it would be helpful to read the article "What differs Asian women from Western Women?" for better understanding of Asian women.

Asian bride

Tips for dating beautiful Asian brides: How to find an Asian woman to marry?

  • Nobody is perfect . But it lies in our power to get better and achieve things that might seem impossible at first. If you put a little effort into your relationship development and do your best while dating a girl, you have all chances to win her heart and get married. Isn’t that what you want? Here are a few tips to follow to get a beautiful Asian woman and marry her.
  • Prove you're serious in your intentions . She needs to feel you with her because you want to build a family with her. Don’t forget to talk to her about your plans and what you're going to do about your relationships. Otherwise, she’ll definitely feel something is wrong or you're not serious.
  • Don’t think she’s a gold-digger . She’ll feel offended if you ever think she’s with you because of money or other mercantile reasons. She won’t deny she needs a financially stable man but that’s not just about that. A successful man means that a girl can feel safe and confident with him. She may be sure she and her children are protected and can live a good life.
  • Be romantic . Spontaneous presents, flowers, calls - girls love all of these. Small things make her happy and remind her that she’s not forgotten. She feels care and support. Thus, she blooms and makes you feel loved. Make surprises and always tell her how dear she's to you. That’s the best way to her heart. You’ll mean the world for her. Who wouldn’t want to marry such a man?
  • Be reliable . Reliability is one of the features all women want to have in their husbands. A reliable man means she’ll always have someone to trust and to ask for help. If you always keep your words and never talk to the winds, she'll feel she can spend her life with you and never regret it.


One of the hot Asian women may become the best wife for you and the most wonderful mother to your kids. Statistically, marriages with Asian beauties are the strongest ones, last really long, and the divorce rate is low. That's because of Asian culture and their views on family and its values. Asian brides online make the best housewives.

Besides, they're hard-working and really good at balancing between work and family. She'll be your friend you can always talk to. She'll be your partner you can rely on. She'll be your dearest wife you can live your life happily with. Try to date an Asian mail order bride and you’ll see yourself.

As you see, it might be challenging to find an Asian bride. But now you know how to meet Asian women. Use the tips above and you’ll get what you want!

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