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RomanceTale Review

Modern technologies allow you to find a perfect match on the other side of the planet, isn’t it wonderful? But how to choose the best site if you want to date someone from overseas? The best option is to read reviews online and decide for yourself.

This time we are going to take a look at RomanceTale, one of the most prospective sites for foreign brides.

First impression

For mature men and women with serious intentions - that is the first impression of one of the top websites on the online dating market. RomanceTale doesn’t promise you something it can’t give. Conversely, it is very precise and fully explains what it offers. This includes a variety of attractive men and women, chatting and security.

As its name says for itself, RomanceTale converts your life into your dream. Be brave enough to open your heart to new exciting things. With RomanceTale, which is simple in use and neat in design, you will start a new chapter in your life.

RomanceTale dating site review


Start the exciting journey with the registration. It won’t take you long but will open a lot of options on the website before you.

To become the member, you should choose your status and who you are looking for, type in your name, surname, date of birth, enter your email and password and agree to the rules and terms of use. Now that you have completed these steps, feel free to add some vital information about yourself, add photos, etc. And then - dive into the variety of attractive users online.

Finding girls

To find a girl you are looking for you should consider two ways. One of it is just to choose your potential bride via avatar so that she is as astonishing as you want and dream about. The other way is that you can use extended searching and apply filters in order to find those girls, who absolutely suit your requirements.

At first, you may be lost in all these features. Don’t worry, you need some time to adjust to the features, but when you get how everything works, you will get the most possible out of RomanceTale. The website’s interface is intuitive, but also if you have troubles, you can contact customer support and get some answers on worrying questions.

RomanceTale review


RomanceTale is a perfect field for establishing relationships. It has a wide variety of users from different parts of the world to suit everyone’s choice. Moreover, it has efficient communication tools to make you closer to your bride.

On RomanceTale you get a chance to write in chat, email a girl and send gifts and flowers. Enjoy them fully in order to get to know your bride more. Remember, that communication is a key factor to find your bride on mail order bride websites. You should stay in touch as much as possible and initiate chatting.

Mobile app

In modern times it is rarely that the website doesn’t have a mobile version. RomanceTale works on many platforms, so you don’t have to carry your laptop with you to stay in touch.

RomanceTale profile of beautiful girl

Why RomanceTale Will Suit You?

RomanceTale has lots of features to offer to everyone, and here are they.

Registration With No Charges

It is entirely free to create an account on RomanceTale. This is a massive advantage of the site as it allows novice users to get acquainted with the site’s infrastructure, database, communication tools, and so on before purchasing a membership. Definitely, it is better than buying a pig in a poke.

Moreover, the signup process on this site is quick. You will have to spend only a couple of minutes to fill in a form and some questionnaires about you and your goals on the site. Also, it is recommended to upload a photo of yours when creating a profile. This way, you will be able to get more attention from other users than without the one.

Advanced Search Instruments

The simple search tool on RomanceTale allows you to select the best women’s profiles depending on the age. If you are pickier when it comes to choosing a partner you can resort to the use of the extended search. The latter will help you find women depending on their interests, religious views, lifestyle, and so on. Also, it is possible to set appearance parameters and find a physically compatible person this way.

beautiful girls on RomanceTale

Tools For Communication

Registering on RomanceTale, you can use such means of communication as chatting and emailing. But most importantly, you can access your profile there on the go as the site has a convenient mobile version.

Stay Safe

Although RomanceTale tries to make sure there are no scammers in the database, you might still encounter one. In such case, you need to turn to the support team for it to block the suspicious user. What’s important is that if you waste your credits on interacting with a fraudster, RomanceTale will gladly issue a refund for you.


To keep providing you the best services and maintain the safe atmosphere on the site, RomanceTale charges its members. The registration is free, but it won’t be possible for you to communicate with other members unless you upgrade your account. In this situation, you will get 20 credits (which cost in general $2,99) to read other people’s messages and get in touch with them.

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