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MatchTruly Review

MatchTruly is a novel mail order bride site which is yet to reach its full potential. The platform works on putting together beautiful and intelligent women and successful and supportive men from different parts of the world so that they could establish warm relationships and even build families. In this review, we are going to look at the main features of the MatchTruly.

First impression

MatchTruly lives up for expectations. It is a fast modern website that matches people of all age from different parts of the world together. It has everything a man can ask for when seeking a woman and vice versa.

What is extremely appealing on the platform is its design. It is so simple and convenient that no matter if you are a newbie or an old fan of mail order bride websites, you will be satisfied. Being created by true professionals of their craft, they put a lot of effort into the project.

MatchTruly provides full information about its features to help you get used to the interface quickly. It assures that your private data will be safe and you shouldn’t worry about anything. Just enjoy the experience.

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So now it’s time to become a member of the mail order bride website. Well, when you are ready, just fulfill the form on the first page of the landing. Enter the information required, such as your name, surname, date of birth, email and password, choose who you are looking for and click to register.

Take it responsibly and dedicate some time to add information to your profile. Don’t expect that women will respond if you don’t share bio details with them. Also, feel free to be as precise as possible when entering what kind of girl you are looking for.

Finding girls

To most people this is the most exciting step and that is why we gathered on this platform. It is recommended to imagine your potential bride before looking for her on the website. Decide what appearance she will have, what she will do, what kind of hobbies she will have.

You can use simple searching and an extended one. The last variant offers you a lot of filters to narrow the search. It is very convenient as you get to find the perfect match.

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When you find women whom you like, start talking with them. MatchTruly has a lot to offer. You can chat, call, write long letters, send gifts. You can chat with a lot of girls all at once as well.

Chatting is a paid option on the website and you have to buy credits to communicate. But what is good on Matchtruly is that you get some free credits when registering your profile, so basically you can test the website first.

To make it clear: no website work without credits. Credits are virtual money that you buy for an exchange for dollars and with them, you get to try all the extra features of the mail order bride website.

Mobile app

MatchTruly is a comfortable platform that has everything you might need, including a mobile version of the website. You can enter your profile from mobile and continue chatting on the go.

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What You Need to Know About MatchTruly

Simplicity of Use

MatchTruly site is not only stylish but also convenient even for newbies in mail order bride. Thanks to its minimalism, MatchTruly interface can let you navigate intuitively without facing any obstacles.

The simple registration process is another factor that makes MatchTruly easy to use. All you need to do to become the member of the platform is to provide some personal data:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Birthday
  • Gender

Also, you will have to complete questionnaires and set your aspirations on the site regarding finding a perfect match. Additionally, you will be asked to upload your photo to make sure you attract more single members on the platform.

The range of Services And Support

Even though the site hasn’t been functioning for long, it has already gained attention and support from lots of users thanks to its efficient communication services. For instance, MatchTruly users may:

  1. Send instant messages
  2. Make Skype-like calls
  3. View photos and videos of other members
  4. Order flowers and gifts

Furthermore, the site provides an app which resembles another popular mail order bride service – Tinder. It will help you to find a perfect match by “liking” a person. If both of you “like” each other, algorithms will permit you to start the conversation.

It is noteworthy that these advanced services are available under paid subscription.

When it comes to the support, you can rely on the site team as they work 24/7.

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The Number of Members & Quality of Profiles

The site doesn’t focus on a specific ethnic group, so there you can find thousands of awesome women from Slavic, Asian countries and from the U.S. All of them know who they are looking for, and you can learn about that from their personal profiles.

The latter is very detailed and can give you an insight of what a particular woman is like. For example, they mention information regarding brides’ interests, hobbies, habits, and other features. All that can give you some clues when texting a woman for the first time.

Also, note that on MatchTruly lots of brides have professional photos as well as some of them may greet you in uploaded videos.

Safety Policy

MatchTruly is very strict with scammers, so you don't have to worry – the anti-scam system will take care of them. The site guarantees it doesn’t transfer your personal data to third parties. Moreover, it keeps your data protected with the help of the 128 bit SSL encryption. Also, the platform uses McAfee secure to maintain the safe environment.


It is entirely free to sign up for MatchTruly, test women and view some of their profiles. The rest is available under a paid subscription, which won’t cost a lot. The Premium one, for instance, will cost you only $9.99 per month. Note that specific services like Skype calls need to be covered separately.

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